May 13, 2020

When the midwife at your birth becomes your boss

In celebrating International Nurses Day this week, we share a story about one of our nurses, Stephanie Gray, who has a special connection with Northern Health.

Not only does her mother and sister also work as nurses at Northern Hospital, but she was delivered by Debra Bourne, our Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer.

“I was introducing graduate nurses in our lecture theatre and saw Steph at the back. I was the midwife for Steph and I was present at her birth and delivered her 24 years ago. It was an incredibly special moment to see her there,” Debra said.

Stephanie has been a Northern nurse since 2016. When she started her graduate year, she saw Debra as the Director of Nursing at the time.

“Our connection started in my country town, with Debra remembering my mum and the delivery. I now work in ED and the Neonatal Unit and I can say Debra is now my boss,” Steph said smiling.

While explaining the role of nursing during a pandemic, Debra said, “I am very proud of our nurses. This pandemic has demonstrated that nurses have the ability to step up, step into areas they usually don’t work in and develop new models of care, while keeping the humanity of patient care.”

“Many of our nurses are undertaking additional training and education to provide the best possible care for our patients, including over 300 nurses completing the education packages in respiratory care,” Debra added.

Debra and baby Steph
Debra and baby Steph