June 26, 2020

Mother and daughter working in Fever Clinic: Jatinder and Parneet Kaur

‘Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a Mother.’

Parneet Kaur is a ward clerk, who joined us only in March this year and has already been working on the frontline at both our Asymptomatic and Fever Clinic. It helps that she often has her mum, Jatinder working alongside her.

Jatinder has been working at Northern Health for three years, first as a Personal Service Assistant (PSA) and now as a ward clerk, who proudly takes credit for Parneet, a final year student of International Business Studies, working at Northern Health.

Jatinder with baby Parneet

“Obviously with a mum working in health care I got more insights into the workings of a hospital,” says Parneet. “Now I really love it! I was doing some work in theatre recently and I thought you know what, this is nice!”

When asked how it is to work in the Fever Clinic, both mum and daughter describe it as “rewarding.”

Says Parneet, “I know we are only doing the paper work, but the patients come to us after being triaged and often they are anxious and it is up to us to comfort them.”

“I find it really rewarding to be able to help people especially in the current situation. Patients are appreciative of what we are doing. They understand the challenges of our eight hour shift,” adds Parneet.

“It is also not as daunting as it looks. When everyone is wearing their Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) it looks very intimidating but once you understand the process and how it works, it is not as daunting.”

“The staff are very supportive. The team members are very nice – doctors, nurses and PSA’s helping each other and  happy to give you a hand. The team work and camaraderie is special.”

“If it’s your first time – you will never feel out of place. They welcome you and soon you feel like you have been here for ages!”

“Northern Health is our second home – if this home needs something we need to help them,” says Jatinder.

“According to my religion, we have to help the community. As our gurudwara’s (temples) are closed, I feel like working in the Fever Clinic is like going to the temple – because I’m doing something for the community.”

Adds Jatinder, “I love Australia. This country has given me a lot of opportunities and as an Australian, I’m happy to help. This is the time to stand with the community and I’m proud I get an opportunity to do so.”

Featured image shows Parneet and mum Jatinder