July 8, 2020

Foot Procedure Unit becomes NADC accredited

The Foot Procedure Unit (FPU) at Northern Health have been notified by The National Association Diabetes Centres (NADC) as an Accredited Core Level High Risk Foot Service. The news comes just in time for the National Diabetes Week, which starts this Sunday.

The FPU team had been involved earlier this year to put through an online application showcasing the breadth of our services.

“The certification of an accredited service showcases to the community that when they attend FPU/podiatry services at Northern Health, they are receiving the best care, as this proves we provide great evidence-based multidisciplinary care,” explained Jaspreet Kaur, Senior Podiatrist.

The National Association of Diabetes Centres (NADC) is a network of diabetes organisations across Australia. The NADC was established to develop and implement a number of strategies for improving the standard of care for people with or at risk of diabetes.

A Collaborative Interdisciplinary Diabetes High Risk Foot Services (HRFS) Accreditation program was set up by the NADC, aimed at the improvement of quality and safety within Interdisciplinary Diabetes HRFS. The accreditation model is the only national accreditation of its kind with a three-pronged approach combining governance, clinical and quality criterions.

Jaspreet explained that earlier this year, Northern Health’s Foot Procedure Unit (FPU, previously known as High Risk Foot clinic) underwent this process aiming for Centre of Excellence.

The eight core service indicator standards that the FPU team presented and submitted were: from standard one to standard eight, which include: Interdisciplinary Approach, Physical Environment, Coordination and Administration, Evidenced-Based Clinical Management, Access and Defined Intake Criteria, Continuity of Care and Communication, Equipment, Wound Care and Quality Improvement.

“This process guided the health professionals working within FPU of the standard of care required and how to aim for Centre of Excellence in the future. The team received feedback on areas FPU excel in and suggestions for improvement which the team will discuss for business planning,” she said.

“Being certified for this accreditation has meant that our FPU department can be recognised nationally for its large efforts towards the care of this population, as diabetes related foot complications account for large hospital admissions nationwide. FPU’s ability to provide such great service is a credit to the organisation and its consumers,” she added.

The Northern Health Diabetes service is a member of the NADC. As part of this membership, we participate in the Australian National Diabetes audit (ANDA) each year; there are two ANDA audits that alternate each year:

“Australian Quality Self-Management Audit – focuses on self-management and diabetes distress and collects data related to diabetes education, self-care practices and quality of life, while the Australian Quality Clinical Audit focuses on clinical indicators known to impact on the care of the person with diabetes,” Catarina Hart, Ambulatory Care Diabetes Coordinator explained.

“The audit allows our diabetes service to benchmark against other diabetes organisations and promotes continuous improvement in the care that we provide to our clients in the North,” she added.

The National Diabetes week is on from 12 – 18 July.

Featured image (left to right): Kellie Le Podiatrist; Stephen Tucker Associate Director Podiatry; Jayden Beever Podiatrist and Jaspreet Kaur, Senior Podiatrist.