July 28, 2020

Strategic priority 1: Safe, positive patient experience

Northern Health’s Strategic Plan 2020-24 has five priorities, and the first one is A safe, positive patient experience. Over the next three weeks, we will present each strategic priority.

A safe, positive patient experience sets our goals towards our commitment to safety and reliability, and working together with patients, their families and carers to provide a positive patient experience. As an organisation, we aim to strengthen our quality and safety systems and develop strong relationships with patients.

Dr Bill Shearer, Executive Director Quality, Safety and Transformation affirms Northern Health’s commitment to patient safety.  “We will improve our quality and safety system by giving all of our staff the tools, information, and systems for them to place patient safety the centre of their work”.

Sophie Rodier, Patient Experience Manager said the patient experience teams works together with our patients, their families and carers to deliver a positive patient experience.

Debra Bourne, Chief Nursing Officer explained how everyone’s healthcare journey is different and “we aim to recognise everyone’s health care needs”.

Please see the video below to hear more about what this strategic priority means to some of our staff:

Please note featured image was taken before COVID-19 physical distancing measures.