July 31, 2020

Strategic priority 2: A healthier community

Northern Health’s Strategic Plan 2020-24 has five priorities, including our commitment to A healthier community.

A healthier community sets our goals towards working with patients, staff and partners to embed the concept of ‘Staying Well’, both in hospital based and community care. This includes a holistic and integrated approach to health care that will help addresses the needs of patients with complex conditions.

Briana Baass, Chief Allied Health Officer said the goal of a healthier community is about improving the quality of people’s lives.

“It’s about working with our patients and really understanding what matters to them,” she said.

A/Prof Don Campbell, Director Staying Well program said ” Northern Health will work with patients, staff and our partners to embed the concept of staying well.”

Technology is one of many tools available to help our patients stay well at their own home.

Nicole Alousis, Senior Physiotherapist added “We are implementing technology which will allow us to create new communication pathways with our patients”.

Please see the video below to hear more about what this strategic priority means to some of our staff: