July 10, 2020


We are extremely proud and appreciative of all of our dedicated staff and the amazing work they have been doing over the last four months to fight COVID-19 together and protect our community.

Our hard work and commitment hasn’t gone unnoticed and we have received many comments and words of appreciation on our social media channels from community members. Read some of them below:

“Thank you and all of your colleagues for all of your hard work! You did my test for me a few days ago and was absolutely lovely and very reassuring, wonderful bedside manner! Really appreciated it!” – Catherine 

“Thank you for the support and dedication you have shown to our community!” – Julie 

“Now I know why I’m a volunteer at Northern Health, I’m very proud to be in your team. At the moment I’m home but I’m on board in spirit, shout out loud and be proud it’s a beautiful thing, go Northern Health ❤” – Brian 

“ED staff = true heroes.” – Stella

“Each and every one of you are doing a great job. It takes great teamwork, well done.” – Julie 

“Thank you and your staff, God Bless you and keep you all safe.” – Mary 

“l would like to send a VERY BIG THANK YOU to all our wonderful cleaners, what would we do without you – you all do such an amazing job.” – Mandy

“Thank you for all your hard work. We have a family member in the UK, a doctor, working every shift with Covid patients in ICU. What an amazing job you do!” – Sharon

“The team at Northern Oncology are brilliant! You do a terrific job and should be so proud of the hard work you do!!” – Alf

“Happy International Nurse Day, you are all angels, where would we be without all the dedicated, loving & patient nurses.” – Pat

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