August 7, 2020

Kindness: a patient story

This week, we have been looking at the second of our values – ‘Kind’, and how it helps us in ‘making a difference for every person, every day’.

As Deb Bourne, our Acting Chief Operating Officer explained, “When we treat our staff with kindness, we actually are saying…they are important and adding value and they make a difference when they come to work.”

“When we come to work and feel that way…it has a direct impact on patient care,” she adds.

We saw the creative ways compassion is being expressed at Northern Health through initiatives such as the Children’s Colouring Book launched by Narrun Wilip-giin (our Aboriginal Support Unit), and the COVID-19 Community Clinic.

The COVID-19 Community Clinic is not just providing medical assistance, but also bringing reassurance through a daily phone call to anxious patients self-isolating at home.

Kindness, as we stated in that iNews story, is central to our response to the pandemic, but as the following story shows, not the only instance where kindness has been on display at Northern Health.

Alecia Caddy, ANUM of Ward 2 (our Children’s Ward), tells how on a quiet afternoon, “I was in charge on a shift, where we had a patient, a little bub, who was unfortunately there on her own, as her mum was in a car accident. She had very minimal items of clothing – really only the clothes on her back.”

Along with her team, Alecia took it on herself to “get her a few bits of clothing and toys, and comfort things she would have had at home.”

“She was a happy little girl and we just wanted her to have some nice clothing,” says Alecia.

She adds, “It was really cute and nice to have been able to provide her some comfort.”

As Deb pointed out, “We treat our patients how we want to be treated – and really, in the end, we all want to be treated with kindness!”

So while we may be overwhelmed by what goes on around us, we do have a say in the choices we make each day and can bring kindness into the mix. Choose kindness today.