August 14, 2020

Strategic Priority 4: Enabled staff, empowered teams

Our new Northern Health Strategic Plan 2020-24 has five priorities and one of them has a strong focus on our staff – enabling and empowering them to focus on safety and professional development.

Working towards this goal means that our staff will have the skills, knowledge, motivation and opportunity to make a difference for our patients and each other. By providing education and development opportunities, staff will be empowered to improve the safety of the health service.

“Education is not the only road to empowering our teams,” said Dr Megan Robb, Director of Emergency.

“When we think about teamwork, our goal is to have teams where multidisciplinary communication, problem solving and innovation is encouraged,” she explained.

Teamwork is important at Northern Health and by developing these structured and functional teams, our staff will be able to achieve more and go further.

“To acknowledge and celebrate our success, Northern Health will enhance staff recognition programs and performance systems,” said Michelle Fenwick, Executive Director, People and Culture.

“We are working towards becoming an employer of choice,” Michelle added.

Julie Mason, Patient Services Assistant, explained how we support staff in their work.

“At Northern Health, staff are engaged and empowered to use all their skills and knowledge. We are a team and it’s a great place to work!” she said.

Please see the video below to hear more on what ‘enabled staff, empowered teams’ means to some of our staff: