August 21, 2020

Strategic Priority 5: Engaged learners, inspired researchers

The fifth strategic priority in Northern Health’s new Strategic Plan 2020-24 focuses on research and learning, working towards the goal of equipping staff with the latest knowledge and best practices to support positive patient experiences and safe, effective care.

Prof. Bill van Gaal, Director Cardiology Service and Divisional Director Emergency Services says, “Northern Health is committed to building a culture of research and educating the workforce of the future.”

In order to elevate our research profile and translate research into healthcare practice, Northern Health is keen to create a workforce of engaged learners and inspired researchers, by enhancing teaching and creating a culture of learning and research, and becoming a partner of choice for research.

Northern Health will continue to grow the capacity for clinical trials for our northern community, which are an important way of helping patients receive the best care and treatments in the future.

Says Krinal Mori, General Surgeon and Educator: “We are clear that for the safe, effective and positive patient experience, right from the time the patient comes into hospital, to even after they are discharged, it is important that we equip our staff with the best medical practise and the latest information”.

Northern Health is working with partner Universities in training the healthcare workforce of the future. Laura Calogero, student nurse is one of our engaged learners, She says ” Here at Northern Health, we are supported by staff and educators. the friendly staff nurture and help us to grow.”

Please see the video below to hear more about what ‘Engaged learners, inspired researchers’ means to some of our staff: