September 22, 2020

Hybrid car up for grabs

Dr Kristen Pearson is thrilled to see a hybrid car up for grabs in this year’s Northern Health Foundation Raffle. Dr Pearson is a Geriatrician and member of Northern Health’s Environmental Sustainability Committee, as well as a volunteer with Doctors for the Environment.

“I am delighted that Northern Health Foundation is offering a hybrid car as this year’s raffle prize! Firstly, the raffle supports Northern Health’s work on being safe, kind and together with our community. Secondly, the hybrid car has much lower fuel consumption and emissions than a regular car.”

“We all know that to protect our planet and our health, it is essential to cut carbon emissions and air pollution from motor vehicles. We can do this by driving less – taking public transport, walking or riding – and by driving electric or hybrid cars like this Corolla,” she said.

Dr Pearson says, as the owner of a Toyota Corolla Hybrid herself, she can personally recommend driving one.

“It is quiet and very comfortable to drive! My sons also enjoy driving it when they get a chance.”

Northern Health continues to reduce our environmental impact thanks to a number of initiatives throughout the organisation.

Our Environmental Sustainability Committee, chaired by Chief Financial Officer, Basil Ireland, is always looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment by reducing waste, increasing recycling and looking into renewable energy.

To reduce petrol consumption, Northern Health has started replacing our fleet cars with hybrid technology vehicles.

“Northern Health has a big fleet of cars, so it is important to manage this carefully. The plan is to replace ageing cars with new Corolla Hybrids, which will reduce our emissions. So far, 18 cars in the fleet are hybrid. So when I drive out for a home visit or to visit an aged care facility, I’m happy to be driving a hybrid!” Dr Pearson said.

Telehealth is another part of the solution – and has grown strongly since face-to-face visits have been restricted by COVID-19.

“Telehealth can be a great alternative to clinic or home visits – we can minimise car travel, reduce time commuting or waiting, and improve patient satisfaction,” Dr Pearson said.

“So buy your raffle tickets now and good luck for being the winner of the Corolla Hybrid!”

To purchase Northern Health Foundation Major Raffle tickets, please click here. If you purchase your tickets before midnight Wednesday, 23 September, you will go into the Early Bird draw to be in the running to win a $500 Coles Myer Gift Card.