October 13, 2020

New Anticoagulation Stewardship service launches

On World Thrombosis Day, our new Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) and Anticoagulation Stewardship service commences, marking a milestone of collaboration between our haematology and pharmacy departments.

Cynthia Donarelli, our inaugural VTE and Anticoagulation Stewardship Pharmacist, explained we are the second organisation in Victoria to have this service, which will provide support to patients with complex anticoagulation needs.

“The pharmacy team liaises with haematology to put together the best possible management plan for a patient. The primary focus of the service is to reduce adverse events related to anticoagulation and to optimise the treatment of venous thromboembolism. We are aiming to improve patient health outcomes, recovery, minimise bleeding and any other risks. We will be reviewing inpatients with complex anticoagulation needs and follow them up as outpatients early post discharge. As pharmacists, we will go through their appropriate medications and make sure they are all safe and appropriate, and that patients understand how to take medications,” she explained.

Part of Cynthia’s role is to provide education for patients, nursing, medical and allied health staff, and eventually to GPs and local pharmacies, to help raise awareness of the service, as well as importance of anticoagulation management.

Dr Prahlad Ho, Divisional Director Cancer Services and Specialist Clinics, said the Anticoagulation Stewardship service is a project the team has been working on for a very long time.

“This service is a combination of all the hard work and collaboration between our pharmacy and haematology teams, as it will help reduce hospital-acquired complications, which is one of critical hospital KPIs. We are doing well, but there is room for improvement,” he said.

Today is World Thrombosis Day and Dr Hui Yin Lim, Haematologist and Thrombosis Lead, added that raising awareness that thrombosis can affect a lot of people, both inpatients and outpatients, is important.

“As health care professionals, that is something we need to look for and proactively try to prevent. One of the key things in management of thrombosis is anticoagulation, and it’s very important that our staff are properly trained in administering anticoagulation, ensuring it is safe for the patient,” she explained.

For more information on this new service and referral details, please have a look at the Anticoagulation Stewardship Intranet Page.

Featured Image – Front: Dr Hui Yin Lim (left) and Cynthia Donarelli (right); Back: Dr Prahlad Ho (left) and Vinod Chellaram (right)