February 16, 2021

Our EMR journey begins…

This week marks the beginning of our Electronic Medical Record (EMR) program journey, following the recruitment of approximately 40 staff members to join the EMR project team.

The majority of the new team members started working with the EMR team this week, as we gear up for a two-year project to successfully implement an EMR at Northern Health. You will see and hear more about the team soon.

Approximately half of the team are from Northern Health, and together bring a wealth of experience.

The EMR will transform the way in which we provide care. Over the coming months, you will see the project team out and about across the health service. We will be working closely with staff from various different departments across Northern Health throughout the implementation.

Trish Aldridge, EMR Program Director, warmly welcomed her new team.

“I am really excited to be at this point, as I have been on the EMR journey for some time, and now we are launching the program with an amazing team of approximately 40. We are a great mix of Northern Health staff and people from varied backgrounds, all of whom are passionate about implementing the EMR for our staff and patients across all our sites,” said Trish.

The EMR project is a project led by clinicians for clinicians. With this in mind, the project requires a team of diverse working backgrounds.

The EMR project will be one of Northern Health’s most significant projects over the next two years. The EMR will replace some of our clinical systems and paper, and will become the new source of truth for patient information when it’s live.

We encourage staff to get involved in the program, share ideas and ask questions. The team want to hear from you, so we can work together to implement the EMR across Northern Health – to ensure our patients receive safe and timely care into the future.

If you would like further information about the project or have any queries or suggestions, please email Daniella Chapkoun, Nursing Informatics Officer and Benefits Analyst, EMR Program.

Featured Image shows the EMR team (left to right):
Top row: Nicole Hood, Isah Rosal, Mohammed Rahman, Duncan Wellington, Khail Kazi, Daniella Chapkoun. Second row (from the top): Sarai Abel, Ashish Gaidhankar, Prue Poon, Leigh Patterson, Joanne Chia. Third row: Gladys Thomas, Thomas Ko, Stacey Williamson, Catherine Ryder. Fourth row: Leila Massih, Fey Bakar, Harpinder Khalsa, Virginia Grant, Lachie Hayes. Fifth row: Thomas Sheils, Rodney Reader, Lauren Lee, Jeramie Carson. Sixth row: Kenneth Wong, Maddie Leone, Kim Hoo, Jess Hart, Devika Bhaita Bottom row: Vanessa Reid, Elspeth Fink-Jensen, Trish Aldridge