February 26, 2021

Snug as a bug in our new life-saving Panda Warmer

Thanks to the generosity of The Muriel and Les Batten Foundation, our Birthing Suite received a $25,000 grant to purchase a new, state-of-the art-Panda Warmer, an essential piece of equipment in the critical care of newborns.

We were thrilled to welcome Bruce and Colleen Batten, representatives of The Muriel and Les Batten Foundation, to Northern Hospital Epping this week. Bruce, a trustee and nephew of the late Muriel and Les, placed a plaque on the Panda Warmer acknowledging the generosity and support they have shown Northern Health.

Bruce and Colleen met with Pamela Doherty, Birthing Suite Acting Nurse Unit Manager, and representatives from Northern Health Foundation to see the Panda Warmer on the ward and receive a demonstration from Pamela to highlight the features and benefits of the new equipment.

The new Panda Warmer will make a significant difference to our most vulnerable patients who require support after birth.

We all know the best place for a newborn is in the loving arms of mum or dad, however, there are times when they need a little extra care and attention. When signs appear during labour, a precious newborn may need a little help.

The Panda Warmer is specifically designed to swing into action and give our medical teams’ access to all the tools in one place at one time.

“This equipment is really the first line of resuscitation. Having this new Panda Warmer on the floor is going to make such a difference,” Pamela said.

Left to right: Andrew Williamson, Executive Director Public Affairs and Foundation, Pamela Doherty, Birthing Suite Acting Nurse Unit Manager, Colleen Batten and Bruce Batten
Pamela giving a demonstration of the new equipment for Bruce and Colleen Batten

Featured Image: Bruce Batten placing the acknowledgment plaque on the new Panda Warmer