March 17, 2021

Meet Dr Eda – ED Intern of the Year

Dr Eda Gungormez, last years’ intern, now a gastro HMO, has been awarded the title of ‘Emergency Department (ED) Intern of the Year’ for 2020.

Her skills, and the willingness to help others, also led her to become the Intern Support Person and help the 2021 interns navigate their new roles.

Eda completed five rotations at Northern Health last year and remembers how it took her some time to adjust.

“I wasn’t from this hospital as a medical student – so had to quickly learn things like the layout of the hospital and the jobs and responsibilities of an intern. My internship was pretty good here. The culture is super nice at the Northern! It was very busy at the time, and still is – we do have the busiest ED, so I guess that is to be expected,” she said.

Eda enjoyed the busy 12-week ED rotation, because it meant she was learning something new every day. However, the ‘ED Intern of the Year’ award came as a surprise.

“I found out from friends I was awarded, as I really didn’t expect that, even though I did put a lot of effort as an ED intern. What I liked in the ED was that, there, I felt like a ‘real doctor’ as I was able to see patients coming to ED, and then find a destination and outcome for them,” she said.

The intern support role was another task Eda thoroughly enjoyed. In this role, she was a designated support person for the new interns, someone who stays with them for one week and answers their questions, helps with small tasks, and supports via email and Whatsapp.

“We also had a Medtasker role this year, so I was helping in that space too. On some occasions, when they are overwhelmed, it was just about sitting down and talking with them. It is hard when you transition from a medical student to an intern, as there is more responsibility. I was there to assure them and advise on who they can ask for help. I am impressed with the quality of our interns this year, and how they are helping each other too,” Eda said.

After her own great experience as an intern, she decided to stay at Northern as a resident.

“I am now doing basic physician training, and planning to continue. I am doing gastro and cardiology this year as specialist fields, and I am also interested in infectious diseases, so maybe I would like to pursue that in the future. It is a growing field and there is a lot of research to be done, as we see now with COVID-19. Besides that, I enjoy cardiology and gastro – I like procedures and the practical side of it,” she explained.

For the new 2021 interns, Eda advises finding the work-life balance, taking time for yourself and not being afraid to ask for help.

“Sleep well and make sure to take lunch breaks to sit down and eat. Even if it’s just five minutes, it will help recollect your thoughts. Sitting down is actually really important, as we sometimes forget we have been standing and running around most of the day. That will help you not only feel better, but make better decisions too. Never be afraid to reach out for help – from colleagues, seniors, family – nobody can know you are struggling if you don’t express yourself. And remember to have fun!”