April 12, 2021

ED Wellbeing Week starts

This year will the third year that our Emergency Department is holding ED Wellbeing Week.

Dr Kirin Channa, Emergency Physician and Quality Lead, said this year, wellbeing week is more important than ever.

“We may have gone through the worst of COVID-19 last year, but this year we have ongoing challenges, such as the increasing number of presentations during the COVID- normal phase. Our staff really need a focus on wellbeing,” she said.

Kirin is especially looking forward to learning more on what burnout is, as she feels it is important to acknowledge what the team is experiencing.

“The staff will be provided with resources they can use to help recognise and understand the symptoms of burnout. There will also be a support and advocacy forum with the leadership team and executive. It’s important that they have the right tools and support to continue to work in this fast-paced environment,” she said.

Dr Saada Malouf , ED Registrar says she is new to Northern and was really keen to get involved in the department.

“It is really important to have these sessions in the ED, as we often feel like we need to be on all the time, and it is easy to forget to self-care. If you have nothing in the tank, you then have nothing to give to anyone else. Recognising that in ourselves and in our team is important. If someone is struggling, we need to take care of them,” she said.

The ED Wellbeing Week, supported by the OHS&Wellbeing team, will focus on a range of information and resources around key themes including burnout, rejuvenation, healthy body and mind, recognition and support. Jo Gibbs from TREAT (Therapeutic Relaxation and Enhanced Awareness Training) will deliver her very popular Mental Fitness sessions.

The week will also include a Mindful Morning Tea on Tuesday, and afternoon stretches with our Physiotherapy team.

To see the full schedule of events, please head to the ED Wellbeing Week Intranet page.

Featured image: Dr Kirin Channa and Dr Saada Malouf