May 18, 2021

In operation with Dennis Gyomber

This week, we caught up with  Dennis Gyomber, who recently took on the role of Divisional Director of Surgery. He talks about his passion for surgery and his love of comics.

What’s your coffee order?

It’s a small latte with an extra shot.

Tell us about your Northern Health journey.

The journey started for me as an intern at least 25 years ago. I started off in the Emergency Department doing some ward work, ICU rotation and anesthetic rotations. Then I entered in speciality training and I went to other facilities. I was trained as a urologist and I always knew that, when I finished, I wanted to come back here so I kept in contact. I got my job as the urologist here and continued on.

What does a typical day look like for the Divisional Director of Surgery?

It starts off with the early wake up and then checking emails for any issues overnight. It’s then looking at the patient flow aspect and how surgery can cope with the demand. Northern Health has the busiest Emergency Department in the state and so, with such a volume of people coming through, it’s making sure we can meet that demand. It’s balancing that and then balancing the unexpected that can pop up, from minor complaints to the significant ones that can turn up.  One day a week, I still go and practise as a urologist.

What is your greatest achievement or favourite memory since working at Northern Health?

When I started here, there was only two part-time urologists, so it was a very small unit with no accredited trainee. Since I have turned up, we now have six urologists. It’s about establishing a really vibrant unit that’s really attractive.

What do you enjoy most about working at Northern Health?

Everyone is really friendly. Here, we are a little bit more of a family. I do like operating – that’s still the main driver – and looking after patients. As the Divisional Director, projects take a long time, so what I am looking forward to is seeing some projects come to fruition. There is a certain bubbling optimism with the Main Ward Block opening. Coming out of COVID-19 lockdown and getting back to work is also quite exciting.

What are some exciting developments currently happening in surgery? 

Northern Health is trying to be very innovative and try things that will improve the efficiency of the patient’s journey. We want to be able to offer this high level of care that is efficient, streamlined and utilises available, new and emerging technologies. We are looking at getting a Cancer Care Coordinator which would strengthen the service that already exists. The main thing would be the new theatres coming online in the Main Ward Block.

If you could describe Northern Health in a sentence, what would that be?

I think we are on the cusp of a new dawn with the expansion. If we were a human, 10 years ago we were a child and I think we are now entering our most productive adult years where we can really take that next step. We are an inventive, adaptable and productive hospital and we are engaging with the community.

What would people be most surprised to know about you?

I like comics, the graphic novel genre. I’m probably a frustrated artist at the end of the day wanting to be a sculptor. Surgery is a bit of that, so I do admire the art.

Featured image: Dennis Gyomber, Divisional Director of Surgery.