June 22, 2021

Get to know Andrew Gay, Chief Financial Officer

Andrew Gay, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), is new to the Northern Health Executive Team, and says there is never a typical day for those in a CFO position.

“You need to digest lots of information about the health service including activity, employees, financials, risks and opportunities. There are lots of meetings and discussions driven by whatever the hot issues are at the time,” Andrew said.

“You need to keep in touch with fellow team members to respond to questions or provide help. If time permits, you get out of the office and walk to the hospital floor to observe how the service is performing. A simple walk around can give you a better perspective on how we are performing than a long written report.”

Since starting at Northern Health, Andrew says he is enjoying the ease of access to performance information.

“Other places I’ve worked at often require multiple sources of information to get a clear picture of what is happening. Thanks to the ongoing efforts of the team at Northern Health, we have great visibility of how the service is performing,” Andrew said.

After being based in Canberra last year and only getting home to Melbourne three times due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Andrew says it’s great to back in Melbourne with his family. Before his time at Northern Health, Andrew worked at GM Holden and was the Head of Product Execution, responsible for the launch of vehicles developed in Australia.

“One of those vehicles was turning our Holden Monaro into the Pontiac GTO for the USA market, which involved a cross country evaluation drive in America. I am very proud for taking a fleet of Australian built GTO’s on a test drive from San Francisco to Detroit,” Andrew said.

Featured image: Andrew Gay, Chief Financial Officer.