July 20, 2021

EMR: Designed by our clinicians for our clinicians

A key aspect of the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Project at Northern Health is to ensure the needs of clinical staff are met.

Meeting these needs means our patients will receive the safest, most efficient care.

Here we chat to some of the staff members working on this goal from areas such as the Emergency Department (ED) and Surgery.

Stacey Williamson, whose role in the project is Clinical Lead – Emergency, has a wealth of experience from working as a Clinical Nurse Educator in the Emergency Department.

Bringing with her extensive clinical and working knowledge of the ED and previous project experience, Stacey says, “As the clinical lead for the ED, my role is to work with the ED team to ensure the EMR meets the needs of the clinical staff and ensure a smooth transition.”

Duncan Wellington, EMR Analyst – Emergency Department, is new to Northern Health and has worked in past roles that span from ICU Nurse to Cerner Trainer to Clinical Analyst.

“I have a knowledge of the Cerner EMR both from a ‘backend’ build perspective and the ‘end user’ experience, that I can apply to assist with the creation of an EMR that is tailored to Northern Health requirements,” Duncan explained.

“The digital transformation of the organisation will, at times, be challenging both for the EMR project team and the organisation and I hope to support this to the best of my ability,” Duncan added.

Looking at the EMR from a Surgery and Anaesthesia lens are Jeramie Carson and Fey Bakar.

Jeramie, EMR Surgery and Anaesthesia Lead, has worked at Northern Health for approximately 18 months as the Elective Surgery Access Manager.

She brings with her extensive management and operating room experience to contribute to the successful development and implementation of the EMR at Northern Health.

Fey, EMR Analyst – Surgery and Anaesthesia, has worked as a registered nurse in the Northern Hospital General Operating Theatre and also as an Associate Nurse Unit Manager at Ian Brand Residential Care at Bundoora Centre.

“I believe my role as an EMR Analyst for Surgery and Anaesthesia will draw upon all my previous experiences, most especially being an ‘end user’ of Cerner. Also, my understanding of the workflow of the perioperative department will enhance a great delivery of the EMR project and make it clinically usable for the end users, ultimately improving the journey of patients coming through the perioperative department,” she explained.

We look forward to staff working with the project team to ensure the EMR meets the needs of clinicians, so we can provide the highest quality care to our community.

For more information on the Northern Health EMR Project, head to our EMR website.

Featured image (left to right): Fey Bakar, Stacey Williamson, Duncan Wellington, Jeramie Carson