July 27, 2021

Evoking the senses for our patients

Northern Health is fortunate to receive donations from many volunteers in our community who knit and crotchet items that are given to various departments across the health service.

Fiddle-mitts are knitted cuffs or hand warmers which have different textures and materials attached, such as beads, ribbons and buttons, that people can hold and ‘twiddle’ with to help any restlessness or agitation that they might experience.

One of our latest donations was from the Sunbury Library Monday Knitting Group.

Their donation included a big bag of fiddle-mitts for patients at Northern Health.

Rebecca Lyall, one of our nurses in Ward 19 (pictured above with patient Zena), recently contacted our Volunteer Services team to see if some volunteers could help contribute to a quality project, that involves creating a sensory stimulation box.

The box will be filled with different items for patients who may need a distraction. These items can also be helpful for patients with delirium or dementia. Rebecca was thrilled with the donations of the fiddle-mitts.

The Sunbury knitters also hand-crafted some beautiful knee rugs, neck warmers and some bigger rugs. Glynis Marshall, who leads the Knitting Group, said her knitters have been very busy during COVID-19 lockdowns and were glad their contributions are of use.

Our Northern Health Knitting Guild volunteers continue to knit goods from home and have some new items to add to their stock. Head in to the Northern Health Foundation Office to view what is available, including lovely scarves and pom-pom beanies, as well as some AFL-themed baby booties and beanies.

All money raised from the sale of Knitting Guild items goes towards purchasing equipment for Northern Health. The Guild are aiming to purchase a sleeper chair for patient families.