July 14, 2021

Northern Health is Dry this July!

Team Northern Health is showing great momentum in our 2021 Dry July Campaign.

Last year was the first year Northern Health participated in Dry July. This year, Northern Health is once again taking part to raise important funds for cancer patients in our northern community.

In 2020, Northern Health launched the chemotherapy in the home service – ‘Northern Oncology and Haematology at Home’ (NOAH@Home).

The service provides oncology patients the opportunity to receive certain chemotherapy treatments in the comfort of their own homes. This means patients no longer have to travel for appointments and there is less stress on the family who have to take time off work to bring their loved ones for treatment.

Our Day Oncology nurses are on the road six days a week administering treatment to patients. With the support from the Dry July Campaign, the Day Oncology team will be able to broaden their services to the wider northern community by purchasing an additional vehicle for the program.

The majority of the 20 team members for Dry July are staff, with some community members also on board. The team have already raised an amazing $18,000.

We asked some of our staff members why they chose to participate in Dry July this year. Here’s what they had to say.

Brylie Wilson, Nurse Unit Manager, Broadmeadows Surgical Centre explained, “I am participating in Dry July this year because I felt it was my opportunity to give back. I have lost numerous loved ones, particularly grandparents, to cancer.”

“I found out that Northern Health was hoping to raise funds to continue to provide chemotherapy in the home. I know how valuable this service would have been to my family if it had have been available. So I thought what a great opportunity to do something to help make that happen,” Brylie added.

Dominic La Caze, Senior Supply Manager, said, “I’m going dry because one of my closest friends recently died of pancreatic cancer and I have had my own personal encounter with prostate cancer. The least I can do is give up alcohol for a month to help others, I don’t expect people to donate but it will be appreciated.”

Tracey Wyllie, Peri Operative Services Manager – Surgical Services, said, “I’m doing dry July because: A. l want to challenge myself. B. My initial response was that l would never be able to go an entire month without alcohol – then l realised how bad that sounded, so l signed up and got on board!”

To learn more about the Dry July team and to support, click here.