August 24, 2021

Anthony Gust: Mapping the future

Anthony Gust, our new Executive Director Digital Health, is on a journey.

He believes our investment over the past few years in upgrading our server, the Wide Area Network and FollowMe desktop, purchasing over one thousand new computers for staff, hiring a dedicated digital health executive, and many other projects, “has positioned Northern Health well and we are ready to start the next part of our journey.”

Anthony’s role will lead and champion Northern Health’s commitment to leveraging technology for increasing results and develop Northern Health’s Digital Strategy and manage areas including: Decision Support Unit, Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and the Information Technology (IT) Department.

Anthony is developing a Digital Strategy to map out this journey. He says, “The key will be managing to continue to build our foundations, focusing on improving business as usual and being innovative, as well as implementing large initiatives such as EMR.”

Anthony has worked at Northern Health for the past three years, as the Director of Data Science & Analytics. Prior to joining Northern Health, Anthony worked within the healthcare industry and in senior management positions for over 20 years.

In his time at the Department of Health and Human Services as an Associate Director, Anthony was responsible for data linkages, modelling and forecasting – focusing on building teams, modelling, infrastructure and policy. He was also the Executive Director, Quality & Safety, Performance, EMR, IT and Innovation at Peninsula Health, Associate Director at KPMG and Director, Business Intelligence at Monash Health.

His appointment comes at an important time for Northern Health. As Anthony points out, “The demand for hospital services has historically outgrown population increases, as well as ageing of the population by approximately 50 per cent. Northern Health sits within one of the fasting growing areas of Victoria and demand for services is only going to increase. The importance of technology and, in particular, how we continue to partner with our community, will continue to increase.”

“In practical terms, we are already exploring the possibilities with simulation, Virtual Emergency Department, the Staying Well Program which focuses on our most vulnerable patients, a musculoskeletal website that aims to improve outcomes for patients waiting for surgery. At the core is how we can innovate in this space,” says Anthony.

Anthony believes the increasing demand for services in the north is placing a greater demand on our staff and systems.

“This demand also creates opportunities for funding and focuses us on being innovative,” he says.

Anthony is clear – it is the staff and culture at Northern Health that is the ‘secret sauce’.

“In past roles, I have been privileged to work with amazing people. I have seen this in spades also at Northern Health – how we can be agile and be creative, especially during the pandemic. I look forward to working with them. The goal is to provide our staff and patients with the best service we can.”

Featured image: Anthony Gust