August 2, 2021

h-trak live at Broadmeadows Hospital

h-trak is a fully integrated system in a handheld device that records prostheses and procedure codes in real time.

It is an ordering system for prostheses in theatres, and it improves ordering, tracking and management of stock by removing manual processes.

The system was implemented at Northern Hospital Epping Operating Theatres in June and is now going live at Broadmeadows Hospital Operating Theatres.

Debbi Strappazzon, Acting Nurse Unit Manager, Operating Theatres, said the system will reduce the amount of paperwork used by staff.

“Staff can actually scan the prostheses at the point of a patient’s operation, so they are not having to go complete re-ordering and CMBS code paperwork,” Debbi said.

“It is a much more streamlined service and it also means for the specialty managers who are sitting there for hours, typing in implant and product codes into FMIS, that system is gone and they can just log into h-trak and see what is exactly being used and at a click of a button, send it off to re-order it.”

The cardiology team have already been using h-trak for about 10 years, and have received an upgrade to the latest h-trak version.

Elyse Kourlis, Acting Director, Revenue Services, said feedback from staff had been well received.

“It’s been going really well,” Elyse said.

“Staff really like it, it’s easy to use. It is definitely improving processes, we aren’t missing prostheses and CMBS codes which are really important to capture.”

Debbi said, “It has the ability to do an urgent re-order of our consignment stock. So, normally what would happen if we had used a particular prostheses on a shelf that we only had one of, the nurse in charge would then have to ring the company and fax and email, so it was definitely a process to get the equipment urgently re-ordered.”

“Whereas now, it automatically goes to the company at the time the nursing staff synchronises the patient, which is at the end of the procedure, so the company can start working on replenishment as soon as possible.”

“From a nurse in charge point of view, they are busy enough, so that whole process of having to fax and ring has gone completely.”

h-trak goes live at Broadmeadows Hospital today, and the staff are very excited to have a new system in place.

“They are looking forward to it going live and it being implemented and all of our paper based and other processes going,” Debbi said.

Elyse said, “It’s something that is really beneficial to have in theatre and cardiology and it’ll save a lot of time in the long run and it is always a work in process. There are still integration pieces we want to get up and running and to reduce manual processes even more.”

“Theatre and cardiology staff have been really receptive to the upgrade and the new implementation. They have done an amazing job getting on board and being really engaged. I think it’s a credit to them.”

Featured image: Elyse Kourlis, Acting Director, Revenue Services