August 9, 2021

Peripheral Parenteral Nutrition (PPN) rolled out at Northern Hospital

Last week, Peripheral Parenteral Nutrition (PPN) was rolled out at Northern Hospital Epping, on Ward 16 and the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Stella Mexias, Dietitian, explained the new service aims to reduce malnutrition in patients, and complications associated with it, such as increased length of stay.

“We have rolled out Peripheral Parenteral Nutrition (PPN), which is different than Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN). PPN is used for patients who may not be tolerating oral diet or enteral nutrition (e.g. NG feeds) or when there is a delay in TPN commencing. Patients can receive nutrition without delay or a top-up while their gut improves” she explained.

“This is something to be used short-term only, five to seven days, because it is not nutritionally complete. After that period, patients would commence either TPN or their gut may improve so they can eat and drink,” she added.

The new service also means patients will have a reduced risk of refeeding syndrome since they will receive some nutrition rather than remaining nil by mouth.

“The new service has taken 18 months of planning and liaising with ICU, Dietetics and Pharmacy to get it up and running, and it’s not something every health service has. Tina Aboltins, ICU Dietitian, has been involved in coordinating different projects to bring it together and roll it out. The product comes from Pharmacy, as they will store and provide the PPN. ICU has updated our parenteral nutrition guidelines now include TPN and PPN,” she added.

Stella and the team have provided education sessions for nursing staff around the administration and storage of the PPN. Surgeons were educated on this roll out at their Grand Round earlier this year and ICU doctors more recently. Posters about PPN including FAQs are on Ward 16 and ICU for staff to refer to.

To use PPN, medical or surgical teams need to refer to ICU on 88228 to request PPN and refer to a dietitian for an assessment.

Featured image (left to right): Vivian Tsang, Tina Aboltins, Hayley Collins, Stella Mexias, Dr Anthony Cross, James Ash