September 6, 2021

COVID-19 ready on Ward 22

Ward 22 on the Main Ward Block at Northern Hospital Epping has opened and been fitted out as a dedicated 28 bed pandemic ward. The ward is also purpose-built with full negative pressure environment.

Ward 22 on Level 6 opened on Friday, and patients were relocated from the previous COVID Ward on Ward 20 on Friday afternoon.

Associate Professor Craig Aboltins, Director of Infectious Diseases, said it was great to open the brand new ward designed to keep staff and patients as safe as possible.

“We have up to date equipment and highly trained staff with all COVID PPE available. The environment we have created is the safest place for both patients and staff,” Craig said.

Kathryn Bartho, Director Operational Readiness, said it was a team effort that made the move come together.

“We are really excited to be opening Level 6 of the Main Ward Block. We are really happy to have a dedicated pandemic ward to keep all of our staff as safe as possible,” she said.

“It has been a lot of hard work and the staff have worked really hard and really well together to get this done. We are really honoured to have this opportunity to get the staff up here and have the patients cared for in the safest environment possible.”

Rhiannon Shaw, Ward 22 Acting Nurse Unit Manager, said, “It’s been a massive team effort – all the medical staff, everyone else coming in to create this ward to get it open and up and running in under a week almost,” she said.

“Everyone has pulled together really well. It’s going to be a better environment for our nursing staff and medical team up here, being the safest ward possible to treat our vulnerable patients.”

Jeffy Thomas, Registered Nurse, said he was looking forward to providing the best possible care to Ward 22 patients.

“It’s great that we get this opportunity to care for the patients that are most vulnerable in the midst of a pandemic, so we can give the best care possible,” Jeffy said.

Featured image: Rhiannon Shaw, Ward 22 Acting Nurse Unit Manager (front left) with Ward 22 staff and Kathryn Bartho, Director Operational Readiness (back left) and Associate Professor Craig Aboltins, Director of Infectious Diseases (back middle).

Rhiannon Shaw, front, with Ward 22 staff













Outside Ward 22