November 24, 2021

Happy Birthday Ian Brand Residential Care

Today, Ian Brand Residential Care (IBRC), located at our Bundoora Centre, marks 30 years of service.

IBRC is Northern Health’s 30-bed residential aged care facility that provides 24 hour nursing care for 27 of our community’s most vulnerable population.

Donna James, Nurse Unit Manager (NUM) for IBRC, says, “To be entrusted with the care of a family’s loved one is a very special and rewarding part of being an aged care nurse. When a resident is admitted into our care here at Ian Brand Residential Care, we become part of their journey. We not only provide the care and support to our residents, but we also provide the support to families who may be struggling with having their loved ones in care.”

“We currently have one staff member who has been here for 30 years, and another nine staff members who have been working here greater than 10 years. These nurses continue to come to work each day with a smile on their face and the attitude of making our residents day. It is a privilege to oversee the care of our residents here at Ian Brand Residential Care.”

The residents at IBRC are joining in the celebrations. Here’s what one family had to say:

To everyone at Ian Brand Residential Care,

Wishing you all a very Happy 30th Birthday!

Mum has been a resident at IBRC for three years now and we, her family, couldn’t be happier with the decision to move mum to Ian Brand.

The love, kindness, compassion and understanding shown to mum by all staff at IBRC has been amazing.

Mum is very happy residing at Ian Brand and that has confirmed to us, we made the right decision.

COVID has been a very trying time for everyone and IBRC is to be commended for the way you have managed the situation from day one, always putting the safety and wellbeing of the residents first.

A huge ‘thank you’ to both Paula (former NUM) and Donna for the outstanding job overseeing everything.

Thank you to all the staff for all that you do day in and day out, for not only our mum but all who reside at Ian Brand Residential Care.

Happy Happy Birthday!

Lynda Kendall 

IBRC has a lot to celebrate. This year it won two grants. The first is for a Community Kitchen Garden. This grant was to improve an existing kitchen garden or for an additional kitchen garden.

Kirralee Jensen, Site Director Operations and Director of Nursing, Bundoora Centre, says, “The aim of this is to include the gardening aspect for able residents into the lifestyle program, as well as the ability to pick and consume the produce for able residents and families – a shared experience. Significant work has occurred with new garden beds for vegetable gardens and planting of multiple fruit trees.”

“There has also been a redevelopment of the backyard with a new footbridge and paths. It has become a lovely space for residents to enjoy and we look forward to sharing it with families when able,” she says.

Says Kirralee, “With the second grant, we were successful in purchasing a sensory system called a Tovertafel. This is a projector with inbuilt games. It is mounted on the ceiling and projects infra-red lights onto a table, the lights are immersive and interactive. Residents move the lights and shapes around with their hands.”

“It will play an integral part of our lifestyle program to assist and improve resident interaction and also assist as a distraction tool for any residents with agitation or behaviour of concern. I observed some residents playing with the game and it is so heart-warming watching their smiles while playing.”

“I cannot wait to share this experience with their families when they are able to visit. I am sure the birthday cake game will be used for the anniversary of IBRC!” she adds.

Adding to the chorus of well-wishers is Dr Ian Brand himself. He says, “I was surprised to learn that 30 years have passed since we opened, but I am happy to say I have only heard good things about the care and attention all our residents receive. On the occasions I visited, I was impressed with the manners of the staff, and while I hope I never have to be a patient, I am certain I would be wonderfully looked after, as are all our residents.”

“Please extend my warmest congratulations to the staff and management at the Bundoora Centre and at Residential Care,” says Dr Brand.

Featured image shows a resident playing a game on the Tovertafel