December 31, 2021

How to stay safe, kind – and cool

The heat is on! As we deal with another sweltering day, here are some tips on staying safe in this heat – some more imaginative than others.

To start with, stay hydrated the right way. Too much alcohol or caffeine as we know tends to raise body temperature – yes, that includes iced coffee. So, stick to water and add mint, cucumber, or lemon to add a little flavour.

Talking of flavour, did you know certain foods can raise your body temperature? Ginger, coconut oil, brown rice, garlic and cayenne pepper all contain properties that bring your body temperature up, so save those foods for the winter season.

The reverse is also true – choose foods such as cucumbers, mango, watermelon, zucchini and pineapple that contain a lot of water and keep you hydrated.

Here’s another tip – along with an anatomy lesson. Pulse points are the parts of your body where blood vessels are closest to the surface of your skin. Try running cold water over your wrists, right where you can feel your pulse. If you can cool your blood at these vulnerable points, it will recirculate into the central part of your body and cool you down.

Even more effective, wrapping a cool towel or popping a chilled ice pack on your neck.

Slightly more unconventional is to pour water into your hat and quickly invert it before you wear it. Potentially less dramatic than pouring an entire bucket of water over your head.

More obvious advice is, if you have to be outside to get gardening finished or enjoy your daily jog, move your adventure to the early morning or evening hours. 

Don’t forget to check in on others. Look after those most at risk in the heat – your neighbour living alone, the elderly, the young, people with a medical condition and your pets.

However the best advice we can give you is – just relax. Muscle activity can produce a lot of body heat. Take a blisteringly hot day as nature’s way of telling you to put your feet up and relax.

Lastly a reminder – be aware of any fire dangers around you. Please stay aware of the fire danger rating and know what to do at all times.

For those of you taking a well-deserved break or travelling through Victoria, it is worth downloading the VicEmergencyapp or visiting  beforehand.

Stay safe, kind – and cool!