January 13, 2022

Celebrating 40 years of service

Last month, Northern Health held the Length of Service Awards for 2021, where more than 400 staff were celebrated for achieving between 10 and 45 years of dedicated service.

Eight award recipients celebrated 40 and 45 years of service. The 40 year award recipients included Anne Roast, Sharon Robinson, Ann Maffei, Glenda Levens, Stefan Herodotou and Helen Opasinis.

Sharon Robinson, said, “For the past 22 years, I have worked at Broadmeadows Hospital in different roles and in one place. Broadmeadows Hospital is a very friendly place and this friendliness and compassion from all members of the various teams who work there to achieve the outcomes for the patients, makes going to work enjoyable.”

Stefan Herodotou: “I honestly feel like it was only yesterday when I was interviewed for the job and I can clearly remember my excitement when I received the call a few days later, telling me that the job was mine. A lot of people ask me, how could you be doing this and for so long? Life in the fast line of the Emergency Department is full of highs and lows. How can you forget or not become emotional when as a team you save someone’s life? I regard myself as honoured and privileged to have had the opportunity to be part of this amazing institution and work next to so many wonderful and inspirational people.”

Helen Opasinis: “I have had the pleasure of working as a mothercraft nurse and caring for three generations of families within 41 years of service, but it would be the unknown impact you have on people’s lives over the years, whether it be the people you care for, the students, or the staff you work with. How blessed I feel to have been part of their noteworthy and remarkable event.”

Here’s what the recipient’s managers had to say about their staff.

Belinda Nash on Sharon Robinson: “Whilst I have only known Sharon for two years, I am aware of her many achievements over 40 years whilst on Unit 2 Rehabilitation. She has been a well-respected and valued member of the rehabilitation team. She has attributed to so many changes to the unit and has been a great support to new staff and students. We wish to congratulate Sharon on her outstanding achievements over her career.”

Jade Ralston on Anne Roast: “Anne is a kind, caring and incredibly wise member of the People and Culture team. Her historical knowledge is invaluable and we are lucky to learn from her experiences. Despite all the changes she has been through in the past 40 years, one thing that has continued to grow is her passion for staff and patients. This is at the forefront of what she does every day.”

Nicholas Caruana on Ann Maffei: “If you’ve ever worked at Northern Hospital Epping, you’ll know Ann by her distinct Scottish accent, calling emergency codes over the PA. Ann’s professionalism, dedication and authenticity stems from her love for helping people and her down-to-earth personality. She is able to find the humour in almost any given situation and is highly respected and valued by all who know her.”

Nadine Stowell on Glenda Levens: “Glenda is a skilled and dedicated nurse, who gives her patients excellent nursing care. Glenda treats each patient as a person first and a patient second. She will chat with those are are lonely, sit with those who are frightened and offers companionship and respect to all. We are fortunate to have her working with us on Ward 18.”

Megan Robb on Stefan Herodotou: “Stefan is a living legend of the Northern Hospital Epping Emergency Department. In a career spanning 40 years across emergency medicine, surgery and general practice, Stefan is well loved and deeply respected by his patients, community and colleagues. A passionate teacher, he continues to inspire a new generation of doctors with his gentle, patient-centred and humble approach to medicine.”

Barbara Rischitelli on Helen Opasinis: “Helen is a much loved and valued mothercraft nurse who brought so many outstanding qualities to ensure safer, kinder care delivery to all of her patients and families. Helen has provided a wealth of knowledge and experience to our team.”

Featured image L-R: Stefan Herodotou, Helen Opasinis, Ann Maffei and Glenda Levens