January 11, 2022

Wei Qi Fan wins MD3 Teacher of the Year

Associate Professor Wei Qi Fan, has been awarded Medical Doctor Year 3 (MD3) Teacher of the Year.

Wei Qi has been working at Northern Hospital Epping as a consultant paediatrician and neonatologist since 2004. She is the Head of Neonatal Unit and is currently a member of the State Neonatal Advisory Group and the Maternal and Newborn Leadership Group. She is also an Associate Professor in paediatrics at the University of Melbourne – Paediatric Academic Lead/Course Coordinator at University of Melbourne Northern Clinical School.

Wei Qi has been awarded the Teacher of the Year award eight of the last nine years, and is honoured to be recognised by her medical students.

“It really is an honour for paediatrics to see so many students enthused about paediatric medicine, which makes it a wonderful team effort,” she said.

“I have a great personal passion to teach others and believe I have a gift to engage students. I have more than 25 years of experience teaching paediatric medicine at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels in Melbourne. Soon after I started working at Northern Health, I became a Melbourne University lecturer and Child and Adolescent Health teaching coordinator. Northern Health’s paediatric rotation is now widely recognised as the best centre among all the other Melbourne University clinical schools.”

Dr Leonie Griffiths, Director Northern Clinical School, congratulated Wei Qi on her great achievement.

“Wei Qi is a long-standing recipient of this award. She continues to show the students commitment, enthusiasm and advocacy which ensures students have a fantastic time undertaking their children and adolescent health rotation at Northern Health. Students remark studying paediatrics is a highlight in the course and attribute this to Wei Qi’s investment in their learning providing opportunities for feedback and consolidation of challenging concepts.”

“Congratulations on winning MD3 Teacher of the Year. Your continued passion and dedication showed towards the students is greatly appreciated, you clearly are a wonderful role model and integral to the success of the rotation and the clinical school, thank you so much.”

Wei Qi said she feels she has a responsibility to pass her knowledge, gathered over the years, onto others.

“I enjoy getting to know students when they are on paediatric rotation and get a great sense of satisfaction in guiding them through their studies,” she said.

“With all students, my role is to make sure they have both adequate knowledge and have learnt how to be a safe and caring doctor in the paediatric setting.”

“Many of my ex-medical students are now medical specialists – some of them medical specialists at Northern Health.”

Wei Qi’s students have described her as, “very dedicated,” and always going, “above and beyond to teach and find us new learning opportunities.”

“No one is more committed to her students than her. She is relentless in her efforts to aid students in their learning, doing everything in her power to assist them,” says one student.

“She’s incredible. She is a great teacher and advocate for students’ learning and education. The paediatric rotation at the Northern is by far the best run and most helpful of all rotations in my entire degree,” says another student.

Well done and congratulations Wei Qi!