February 18, 2022

CARPs keypads assisting our Emergency Department

New CARPs keypads have been installed in the Northern Hospital Epping Emergency Department (ED).

The keypads, which are located in the Blue Pod and Assessment areas of the ED, streamline the process of booking CARPs jobs in the ED.

“Rather than having to go to the CARPs logger like everywhere else in the hospital, and typing in all the details, the keypads have some quick little shortcuts where the nurses are able to book jobs,” said Steve Carnell, Support Services Supervisor.

“Particularly in ED, where time is everything, it does streamline things, instead of having to type in all the information.”

The keypads were installed just before Christmas last year. ED staff can log a wide range of jobs through the keypads, including patient transport, mortuary run and cleaning jobs. The jobs are then sent directly to the CARPs phones for staff to attend to.

“There is a big screen in ED with all the jobs, so staff can just look up and see what is happening. That scrolls through three different screens with current tasks and the information is updated live,” Steve said.

“Rather than having to call over the PA or look for a cleaner somewhere, it goes straight to the phone. We can track all that information and see how long it takes for people to actually get there.”

About 80 jobs are logged per day through the keypads. There are also plans to install a keypad in the Short Stay Unit. Steve hopes to have a keypad installed in every ward across the hospital.

“ED was always going to be the pilot. We’ve heard from a few of the nurses saying it is a lot better,” Steve said.

“We were in ED and saw it in action and while we stood there, four of five jobs were logged by the nurses within one or two touches. It was great to be a fly on the wall for a moment and see that it is working and that it seems to be working seamlessly.”

“We are thankful that people have really taken it on board.”

Featured image: Miguel Barros, Support Services Manager and Steve Carnell, Support Services Supervisor, with the keypad in the Emergency Department