February 15, 2022

Eve app turns one!

Today marks the one year anniversary of the launch of our pregnancy and birthing mobile app, Eve!

Eve was designed to enhance the pregnancy and parenting experience for mothers in the northern community by providing access to evidence-based information relating to pregnancy, birthing and early parenting.

When women book in to have their baby at Northern Health, they receive an SMS inviting them to download the app which is linked to their medical record.

Women receive weekly updates about how their body and baby is growing and articles are added that are relevant to their stage of pregnancy/parenting. They can also search for specific articles or topics they are interested in.

Since the launch of the app, Eve has had around 4,500 active users.

Local mum, Hope Lewis, is one of many women in our community who have benefited from using Eve during their pregnancy.

Hope is a mother of four who recently gave birth to 10-week old daughter Dakota at Northern Hospital Epping.

“I think Eve is the best thing ever invented as I didn’t experience it with my other three children. It’s great to be able to share experiences with other mums and answer questions through the forum. It creates an ongoing support with other mums in the community,” she said.

Unlike other pregnancy applications, women using Eve can see their own pregnancy information by accessing their antenatal visit notes and test results within the app. Users can also ask questions to a midwife through the app and have access to a moderated forum.

Hope found the input of medical information especially helpful during her pregnancy.

“The app explains what your body and the baby are doing and how everything is progressing. All of your information is on there if you need to refer to it,” she said.

“Information is uploaded after each appointment so you can share with other people. Instead of me trying to remember all of the information, I could sit with my husband and go through it with him, so he felt more involved,” Hope explained.

Hope says she would recommend Eve to all expecting mothers.

“The advice provided on the app, especially during COVID-19, was really helpful.”

“Some mums might be experiencing something with their baby and other mums may have experienced it so they can provide support and share their experience,” Hope said.

“It’s also great to be able to share our birth stories with one another after we had our baby – and be able to thank our midwives.”

Featured image: Hope with baby Dakota