March 15, 2022

Celebrating World Social Work Day

Today, we celebrate our wonderful social workers, and the vital work they provide to the community.

The day provides the opportunity for all socials workers to reflect on their work and come together and celebrate their amazing achievements.

Penelope Vye, Associate Director Allied Health, says this year’s theme – ‘Co-building a New Eco-Social World: Leaving No One Behind’ reminds us we all need to take part in building a world in which our abilities, gender, faiths and rights are protected and we are safe.

“The pandemic has greatly impacted upon our lives and wellbeing. Patients and families are experiencing increased poverty and homelessness, increased family violence and isolation from others. The pandemic has created financial, emotional and social challenges which has meant increasingly complex work for social workers and increased demand on resources,” she said.

Northern Health has a team of 42 social workers across acute and subacute, and five social workers in community programs including HARP, GEM@Home, Home Care Packages and ACAS (Aged Care Assessment Service). Social workers in acute and subacute provided nearly 21,000 encounters for inpatients and more than 6,000 for outpatients over the last 12 months.

“Over the past year, social workers have continued to innovate work such as advocating for NDIS services for people with disabilities, in COVID Monitoring as COVID Navigators and in the COVID Psycho-Social Response Team,” said Penelope.

“Feedback over the past year has recognised the value of social work, and has acknowledged our skills in undertaking assessments and providing interventions across a range of possible risks including family violence, child and elder abuse and trauma.”

“Social workers have been described by others at Northern Health as kind, compassionate, innovative, knowledgeable, skillful and caring. Let’s celebrate World Social Work Day together.”

Featured image: Northern Health social workers celebrating World Social Work Day