March 2, 2022

Supporting Northern Health Foundation through workplace giving

Northern Health employees have the unique opportunity to support and contribute to the health service, and the care of our patients and families, through Workplace Giving.

All donations through Workplace Giving are made to the Northern Health Foundation, which raises funds on behalf of Northern Health to purchase state-of-the-art medical equipment and technology to improve the care given to our patients, facilitate the upgrade of patient and visitor facilities and fund PhD Research Scholarships that will support ground breaking medical research.

Workplace Giving donations are made through regular pre-tax payroll deductions, so there is no need for a tax receipt. Staff just need to nominate their preferred donation amount per pay period. By making regular donations, staff receive the tax benefit immediately and are helping to make a difference to our health service.

Northern Health currently has 181 workplace givers, with this number growing over the past few months.

Karen Bryant, Senior Aboriginal Liaison Officer, is a long-time workplace giver of 10 years. She decided to take up Workplace Giving because she knew where “the dollars would go.”

“I decided to take up Workplace Giving as a one stop shop to give to a charity,” she said.

“It was about transparency and seeing the great work that our workplace does, but also to see the extra items that may be needed for our patients.”

“It is important to me as I feel I’m contributing to the community in a different way, other than being an employee. It also has tax deduction benefits for myself.”

“Every little bit counts. It can contribute to necessary equipment for patients and it can open doors for change or additions to the organisation. It can build on the good work that is already being done within the hospital. It can complement and enhance better programs or services to patients, carers, children, volunteers – anyone that may be involved with the acute health setting. It can make you feel good that you are able to contribute in different ways.”

Yue Hu, Acting Director, Transcultural and Language Services (TALS), and Narrun Wilip-giin Aboriginal Support Unit (ASU), has been a Workplace Giver since 2011.

“I decided to take up Workplace Giving at Northern Health when accepting my offer, which was the first job offer ever since I migrated to Australia,” she said.

“I felt very glad I had the opportunity to give something back to the community through my workplace. I always believe giving donations to charity helps achieve a better good, which normally cannot be done by just a few people.”

Pina Di Donato, Acting Executive Director, Public Affairs and Foundation, said, “We are very grateful for the contributions of our Workplace Givers. It is great to see more people joining up as they are onboarded.”

“We may think that our personal contributions may be too small, that they won’t make a difference, but the fact is that when we add all of the contributions together, and then they are matched by our corporate partner, BankVic, then we really start to see their impact. The next project we are funding through Workplace Giving is part of the upgrade to the ICU garden. This will be a lovely space for staff and patients, and something we can all see and be proud of.”

For more information or to become a Workplace Giver, click here.

Featured image: Yue Hu, Acting Director, Transcultural and Language Services (TALS) and Narrun Wilip-giin Aboriginal Support Unit (ASU)