April 12, 2022

Have a phone charger to spare?

The first round of ‘Big Idea 2022’ submissions is now closed, with 84 ideas received from a wide range of departments across the organisation. Twenty-two of these ideas were selected for refinement and 11 will advance for scoping and implementation. Some ideas are being implemented immediately.

One of them is an idea from Dr Sian Cole, Senior Health Psychologist, who noticed a number of her ward patients were asking about getting their phones charged, but access to chargers was limited and inconsistent.

“With the visitor restrictions, patients have been socially isolated and social needs are an important part of how humans cope with stress. Not being able to charge their phones was isolating patients even further. If we could have access to chargers, patients would feel less lonely,” she said.

While looking around her home, Dr Cole realised she had a whole collection of spare chargers, and thought others might as well. When the idea sparked, she submitted it to the Big Idea portal.

“I don’t think many people plan hospital admission, so they are not packing chargers, so it would be a great idea if we could offer them chargers here,” she added.

“As soon as I submitted the Big Idea, people immediately started commenting and asking why we haven’t thought about this before. I am glad we are acting on this now – the sooner the better,” she said.

The donation campaign will run in the next three weeks.

“I am really excited that it got picked up and that it is running so quickly. It will really help patients,” she added.

Sarah Monaghan, Management Intern, has been working with Cassie Bramston, Project Manager, on developing some of the Big Ideas.

“We thought this is a great, doable idea that will improve patient experience in our hospital. The Executive really love the idea, and the simplicity of it. Depending on what we get from the staff, we’ll reassess if we need to take the campaign externally, to the community,” she said.

If you have a spare phone charger to donate to our wards, please drop it off at the main reception at each of the four campuses.