April 11, 2022

Healthier options on the menu

Staff, patients and visitors to Northern Health have a healthier selection of food and drink in all of the vending machines across the health service.

Northern Health made the switch to Provender – a fresh food vending machine company – to provide the healthier options.

Our new vending machines offer a range of muesli slices, natural nuts, protein bars and low calorie, low sugar and gluten free options.

The food and drinks available in the new machines have been carefully selected to meet the Victorian Department of Health’s Healthy Choices Policy Directive.

From 30 September 2022, vending machines across Victorian health services will be no longer allowed to sell high sugar drinks and must limit artificially sweetened drinks. In 2023, the criteria will expand to include limits on unhealthy food in vending machines.

Rachael Evans, Associate Director Dietetics, said workplaces were increasingly realising the importance of making healthy food and drink choices more accessible.

“Making healthier choices easier, through changes to the options available in our vending machines, is an important step in increasing access to health foods and drinks in the places where people spend their time,” she said.

“It also aligns with Northern Health’s strategic priority of a healthier community.”

Sandra Molinaro, Manager Support Services, said she was looking forward to working with Provender to provider healthier drinks and snacks for our community.

“I am keen to see a fresh new look and the delicious snack options that will be available,” she said.

Provender is also offering discounts and special offers for staff who use the Monyx Payment App. Click here to download the app to start earning rewards and discounts each time you use the vending machines.

“The new choices, along with the staff discount and reward system, will be a welcome update to vending services for Northern Health,” Sandra said.

For a list of product options and their traffic light rating, visit our Intranet page.

Featured image: Sandra Molinaro, Manger Support Services, Rachael Evans, Associate Director Dietetics and Tom Wing, Provender Franchise Owner