May 3, 2022

Dr Jasmina Kevric wins AMA Junior Doctor of the Year Award

Dr Jasmina Kevric, Northern Health’s trainee surgeon has won the prestigious Junior Doctor of the Year Award at the Australian Medical Association Victoria Awards (AMA) held last Friday. The AMA Victoria’s Award Night showcases the contribution of the medical profession to the community, and supports the work of its members and the broader medical profession.

Jasmina grew up in Bosnia during the civil war and it was that experience that motivated her to help others.

“I was exposed to trauma and wounds early in my childhood. I wasn’t able to do much as a child, but promised myself that when I grew up I would become a doctor to have the skills to help others. My parents were incredibly supportive and encouraged me along the way despite the obstacles,” she said.

It felt surreal for Jasmina to win the award, “It is an absolute privilege to have received this award. I feel very honoured. Coming from a refugee background, sometimes it’s hard to believe that I arrived in Australia not speaking the English language, to now being awarded the Junior Doctor of the Year”.

Jasmina is enjoying her work at Northern Health, in particular the level of experience she is able to gain, as well as the diversity of patients and staff.

“It is such a diverse community from many walks of life. I love chatting to my colleagues about their backgrounds and their unique experiences. The patients are also so diverse and each day feels like a new day. It keeps me on my toes and I love speaking Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian/Macedonian to my patients,” she adds.

“Northern Health is one of the busiest hospitals in Victoria. The level of experience is phenomenal. The staff expertise is fantastic, and we have all the major facilities one would expect from the tertiary centre. Yet, it has a homey feel and everyone working here is part of a big family. I absolutely love working at Northern,” Jasmina explains.

Jasmina is most proud of the connections and friends that she has made at work.

“I work in an incredibly supportive network, in particular the general surgery department, who have inspired, challenged and supported me throughout my surgical training. I’m very fortunate to work with such an incredible team,” she says.

She encourages her colleagues to strive for greatness and live their dream in healing others.

“I’d like to encourage other junior doctors to pursue their goals and aspirations. Medicine is such a wonderful profession and you’re making an incredible difference. Challenges will arise and times will be tough, but those around you can help you get there. If we look after one another, we can achieve greatness,” she concludes.

Debra Bourne, Chief Operating Officer, said: “It is wonderful to see one of our talented Junior Doctors being recognised for the enormous contribution to both Northern Health and our community. We are extremely proud of Jasmina and Northern Health is very fortunate to have her as part of our workforce.”

We congratulate Jasmina on such a wonderful achievement. A special congratulations to Dr Loren Sher, Director Victorian Virtual Emergency Department, who was nominated for the Patrick Pritzwald-Stegmann Award recognising “a doctor who has made an exceptional contribution to the wellbeing of his or her colleagues and/or the broader community.”