May 6, 2022

The EMR team is recruiting EMR Trainers

The Electronic Medical Record (EMR) team is looking to recruit 12 EMR trainers to join the team from August 2022 to May 2023.

Northern Health’s EMR will be going live in April 2023. At this stage, the EMR analysts are working with our Accountable Leaders and SMEs to validate the remaining workflows that are to be built into the system. In addition, the Change, Communications and Training team are working with our EMR champions and various workgroups to continue building their EMR knowledge, so they can share the information they have gathered with their peers.

But preparing the organisation for such change does not stop there.

We have more than 5,000 staff across Northern Health who will be impacted by the EMR. To help prepare, we will have a Solution Gallery (system demonstrations at NCHER) and Familiarisations (taking the EMR to your area of work), we will also be providing EMR training to our staff.

“We are currently looking at training our staff at a 9-week window before go live on 3 April 2022. We are securing training rooms across sites to make it more convenient for our staff”, says Cliff Wiltshire, EMR Training Manager. “This piece of work will be vital for a successful EMR implementation at Northern Health as we need to ensure our staff are well equipped before go live and keeping our patient’s best interest in mind”, he adds.

As an EMR Trainer, you will be responsible for training materials development, including eLearning materials as well as training delivery in the classroom. You will be located to a Learning Stream (PowerChart, PharmNet, SurgiNet and FirstNet), and deliver EMR training across all sites to ensure staff receive the correct level of training relevant to their roles and responsibilities.

“Based in NCHER, Northern Hospital Epping, other than the EMR training team, you will also be working closely with the EMR project team when developing training materials, and providing your expertise in your area to help facilitate safe clinical workflows”, Cliff explains.

This will be an exciting opportunity if you are interested in extending your facilitation skills, building your EMR knowledge and providing comprehensive training to your colleagues.

Apply to become our EMR trainer today!

For more information on the position, click here.