July 7, 2022

After 55 years of nursing, Lyn White says farewell

After over 55 years of nursing, Lyn White farewells her beloved profession.

Lyn began her nursing career at Fairfield Hospital as a Division 2 Nurse when she was just 17 – and has been nursing ever since.

Today, Northern Health hosted a farewell afternoon tea to say goodbye to Lyn and thank her for her dedication over the years. Lyn was joined by friends, family and present and past colleagues!

Lyn has worked at Northern Health for the past 15 years, starting her journey in the Transit Lounge. She has spent the last few years working in the access team, as well as in the Transit Lounge.

Lyn has written the below to share with her colleagues.

“Little did I know when I started nursing at Fairfield Hospital under the guidance of Vivian Bullwinkel on 6 June 1966, the fabulous adventure I was heading on. It was to last 55 years. I have worked in all areas of nursing over the years and always encourage EN’s to aim for the stars. There is nothing you can’t do if you put your mind to it.”

“I spent four and a half years on the inaugural Nurses Board of Victoria. What a great learning experience that was.”

“Nursing is a wonderful career and the friends you make along the way remain lifelong friends. I still catch up with nurses from Fairfield I worked with all those years ago.”

“Bundoora Extended Care KAW staff still meet a couple times a year and the wonderful friends I have made at Northern Hospital, both current and retired, catch up regularly. I have really enjoyed my 15 years at the Northern.”

“I wish to thank all the managers I have had that have supported me in many ways over the years. To my colleagues who I work with, those I drive mad on the phone and the friendly faces that I meet in the corridor. Thank you for your friendship. I will certainly miss you all.”

Lyn White when she started her nursing career

From all of us at Northern Health, Lyn, thank you for all you have done for the nursing profession over the past 55 years. The impact you have had on your patients, their families and your colleagues will always be remembered here at Northern Health.

Hear from some of Lyn’s colleagues in the video below.