July 25, 2022

DonateLife Week: The Great Registration Race

DonateLife Week raises awareness of organ and tissue donation, encourages Australians to register as organ and tissue donors, and to have the conversation with their family and friends.

One organ donor can save the lives of up to seven people and help many more through eye and tissue donation. While the majority of Australians support organ and tissue donation, only around one in three (36 per cent) are registered to be a donor.

This year, DonateLife Week is held from 24 July to 31 July.

Northern Health had the privilege of looking after seven patients and their families who very generously agreed to organ, eye and tissue donation in the last 12 months. The generosity of our Northern Health patients and families resulted in 22 people receiving life changing and life saving transplants.

The Donation Specialist team of Dr David Crosbie and Nurse Bridget Walters say they are humbled by the generosity of the families consenting to organ and tissue donation during what is a very difficult time for them when their loved one is dying.

“We would like to take the opportunity to thank each and everyone one who is involved in facilitating the wishes of donor patients and their families here at Northern Health. The commitment, teamwork and accommodating nature that is in place to support organ and tissue donation across the organisation, in particular the Emergency Department (ED), Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and Theatre are very much appreciated,” says David Crosbie and Bridget Walters.

“We would also like to acknowledge the support of Northern Pathology, Radiology, Echocardiolography, and Interventional Cardiology who are very accommodating to the needs of our donation patients often in a short timeframe.”

In the last couple of months, there has been great expression of interest from nurses in ED, ICU and Theatre to become nurse champions of their particular areas in regard to organ and tissue donation.

“We thank them for their commitment in supporting the Donation Specialist team in raising awareness, supporting donation and education of staff and look forward to continuing to work with them in the future,” says the team.

There are around 13 million Australians aged over 16 who are eligible to register as an organ and tissue donor – but haven’t.

The Great Registration Race for DonateLife Week continues this year. The goal is to encourage over 100,000 extra Australians to join the Australian Organ Donor Register with the National message of “Don’t delay,  join the Great Registration Race today!” ​

The Great Registration Race runs all July. For more information on DonateLife Week and how to register, click here.

Pictured above  the Donation Specialist team of Dr David Crosbie and Nurse Bridget Walters.