July 29, 2022

Singin’ for the soul

Did you know Northern Health has its own choir?

Alison Davies, Project Executive Officer, was ‘instrumental’ in bringing together staff members to form the choir.

The choir has previously sung carols in the foyer of Northern Hospital Epping and performed at Northern Health’s annual ANZAC Day service at Bundoora Centre. They have recently been invited to join several other Melbourne choirs at ‘Singing for Peace’, held on Hiroshima Day on 6 August.

Alison, along with her fellow choir members, are currently exploring how they can further support and inspire staff through their soulful singing.

“Music is a great way to enhance people’s wellbeing,” Alison said.

The choir rehearses regularly and is always on the look-out for new members.

“We’d love to invite and inspire new members – Northern Health staff, volunteers, family members and friends – as our choir focuses on the importance of being part of a community. Overall, we want our repertoire to reflect the Northern Health values – safe, kind and together,” Alison said.

“We’re looking forward to having a wide repertoire for Christmas this year, going to all Northern Health sites. We’re also working on visiting and supporting patients and staff in various wards and units, for example, palliative care,” Alison said.

If you would like to join the choir or for further information, please contact Alison Davies.

Hear from some of the current choir members below on what they love about being part of the Northern Health Choir and why they joined.

“I heard a rehearsal through the window of our office and went to thank the participants for making my day. Before I knew it, I was saying yes to joining in. There is no finer way to boost your oxytocin levels than lifting your voice in song with a group of awesome humans, regardless of background, skill-set or cost centre!” – Steve Carnell, Support Services Supervisor.

“Music is always in my blood. Growing up with a musical family, when I was younger, we used to sing church choir and school musicals. At some stage, I stopped due to family and work commitments. It’s nice to exercise my vocal chords again.” – Virgilio ‘Gil’ Rabago, Nurse Immuniser.

“I believe in the healing power of music and would like to meet more workmates who also have a passion for something outside their work!” – Dr Teresa Leung, Oncologist.

“I joined the choir because singing refreshes the soul and I have seen how other hospitals have improved their work environment with music and singing.” – Carolyn Ullyatt, Nurse Educator.

“For me, singing is healing for the soul and the Northern Health Choir gives me that opportunity to share this with my fellow colleagues. It is also an opportunity to create a peaceful environment for patients and their families, as they hear the voices travel through the hallways of Northern Health.” – Clifford Wiltshire, Training Manager, Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Program.

“To me, singing hymns is another form of giving praise. Even though I was a thousand miles away, I listened in to our ANZAC Service as our choir sang the Lord’s Prayer. Something I dreamed and prayed for, for a long time!” – Mike Masilamani, Public Affairs.

Featured image: The Northern Health Choir performing at our annual ANZAC Day service this year