September 7, 2022

Get to know: Hannah Downie

In today’s ‘Get to know’ profile, we catch up with Hannah Downie, Nurse Unit Manager of the new South Pod – Chest Pain Evaluation Unit (CPEU) at Northern Hospital Epping.

Firstly, what’s your coffee order?

Flat white.

Why and how did you choose your specialty of emergency nursing? 

I have always found it fascinating, after completing my postgrad, how patients can have the same symptom, for example chest pain, but have widely differing diagnoses depending on your history taking, assessment and investigations.

Can you tell us about your Northern Health journey?

I completed the ED STEP Program in 2016 and then went on to complete my Postgraduate Certificate in 2017 (being Postgrad of the Year might I add to my fellow PG17’ers out there!). I then went on to become a Clinical Nurse Specialist, Clinical Support Nurse and Associate Nurse Unit Manager – and now have become the Nurse Unit Manager of the new South Pod – Chest Pain Evaluation Unit (CPEU).

What is your greatest achievement or favourite memory since working here?

My greatest achievement is definitely completing my Postgraduate Certificate. Not only did I learn critical care skills that made an impact on my patients’ journey and care, I was also privileged to meet the best group of people in my life who, six years on, we are still in contact with each other.

What do you like to do outside of work?  

I play netball, listen to podcasts and walk my dogs.

Which Northern Health value do you relate to best?

The Northern Health value I relate to the most is kind.

I always use kindness in the care of my patients and with my colleagues – but also to myself. You can be your own worst critic – remember to be good to yourself and ignore your own inner saboteur.

If you were a superhero, who would you be and why?

Supergirl for sure – if only to have my own Fortress of Solitude for when I need some peace and quiet from my dogs.

Who would you nominate next for a staff profile?

I’d like to nominate Danika Arney, Occupational Therapist, for the next staff profile.