September 6, 2022

National Child Protection Week

For over 30 years, the National Association for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect has been running the annual National Child Protection Week campaign.

Child Protection Week runs from 4 to 10 September this year, and the theme for 2022 is, “Every child, in every community, needs a fair go.”

This year, Northern Health is helping to shine a light on helping children to grow up safe and supported. Young people thrive when they grow up safe, connected and supported in their family, community and culture. Children have the right to grow up in environments that support them according to their needs.

The Northern Health Social Work Department encourages all health care workers to play their part in creating a supportive and safe environment for children. Together, we can identify and prevent child abuse and neglect.

The Department are undertaking the following activities this year:

  • Displaying National Child Protection Week campaign posters across Northern Hospital Epping
  • Distribution of children’s activities, material and information for caregivers to wards
  • Story time sessions for young patients on Ward 2 at Northern Hospital Epping.

Social Workers, in coordination with Ward 2, engaged children in story time sessions. Story time with children can be so much more than just a fun bonding activity. It allows children to hear new sounds and words, and may also help in developing literacy skills. Story time can also encourage children to value books and stories that spark imagination and curiosity.

If Northern Health staff are concerned about the wellbeing of a child, they are encouraged to speak with their ward Social Worker or contact the Northern Health Social Work Department on (03) 8405 8846.