October 6, 2022

Happy Perioperative Nurses Week!

This week, we celebrate Perioperative Nurses Week.

Every day, our dedicated perioperative nurses at Northern Health show why they are real-life superheroes.

Perioperative nurses care for patients and their families prior to, during and after surgical procedures. They are highly-skilled, compassionate and always up for a challenge.

We take this time to acknowledge the wonderful work of our perioperative nurses all year round.

“To our perioperative team, thank you for everything you do, the time you commit, the energy you give and the dedication that you show, each and every day. Know that your tireless efforts are acknowledged, admired, aspired and commended. Each and every one of you is unique and truly awesome – so celebrate like a unicorn!” said Tracey Wyllie, Director of Operations – Perioperative Services.

Our perioperative team have been celebrating all week long, with a number of fun activities including learning dances together, crazy socks, raffles, treasure hunts, bingo, ‘The Amazing Race’ and a bake-off. Well done and thank you to all the staff involved in running these activities!

Here a few reasons why our perioperative nurses love what they do:

“I love being a perioperative nurse because it is extremely rewarding to be able to support our patients as they go through a very vulnerable time that is surgery. Being able to advocate for our patients, while upholding the best quality of care is what we all pride ourselves on. As a perioperative manager, I am truly grateful and appreciative to have such an amazing, kind, and supportive team of perioperative nurses around me,” said Natasha (Tash) Josevski, Perioperative Nurse Unit Manager.

“I have been with Northern Health for almost 10 years. I completed a perioperative placement during my undergraduate studies and knew that is where I wanted my career to be! During my time as a Clinical Nurse Specialist at GOT, I fell in love with the vascular specialty and the intricacies of the surgeries. I was successful in becoming CSSD ANUM this year and it has been the most challenging and rewarding experience so far. The CSSD team are a great resource, as they are so knowledgeable in what they do! The reason why it’s great being part of the CSSD management team is because of the awesome staff members and a great boss, Melanie,” said Melissa Rigos, Acting Perioperative Nurse Unit Manager.

“I have been working in this field for the past 20 years. Prior to this, I started my career in ABI, then moved onto the medical/surgical wards. I enjoy the challenge of my role and know that I am making a difference in people’s lives everyday. I contribute my lengthy service to the amazing team in which I work that are ever so kind and supportive,” said Fran Daly, Acting Perioperative Nurse Unit Manager.