October 4, 2022

Meet Jason Cirone – Chief Allied Health Officer

Jason Cirone is Northern Health’s new Chief Allied Health Officer (CAHO).

Jason joined Northern Health eight years ago as the Director of Medical and Nursing Workforce. Since then, he has worked in People and Culture within Operations, Human Resources and Workforce roles. In 2020 and 2021, he worked in Clinical Practice Improvement, supporting our Quality team with Northern Health’s accreditation preparation. Jason was appointed to the role of CAHO in July 2022.

“I have worked in public health since 1998. I have a background in physiotherapy and, early in my career, I did some physiotherapy work in private practice, occupational physiotherapy, community health, and also worked in the USA as a Physical Therapist,” Jason said.

“I love sports, and in particular I am a really big fan of swimming. I originally wanted to be a physiotherapist on the Australian swim team.”

Whilst that never worked out, Jason never misses an opportunity to watch a national or international swimming event, and has really enjoyed his career in Allied Health and management.

“Outside of Northern Health, I am an Accreditation Surveyor. It’s a privilege to enter another organisation, and I am grateful for the opportunity to see how other health services function. There is always a lot to learn, and I often focus on what I can bring back to Northern Health.”

“In 2020 and 2021, I supported Maree Glynn in preparation of our most recent accreditation. It was an amazing opportunity to learn more about clinical operations across our own organisation in a quality and safety context.”

As the new CAHO, Jason’s role is centred around professional governance and strategy for the Allied Health, TALS and Narrun Wilip-giin directorate. He also works closely with operational directors, and is keen to grow the directorate to keep with the health service’s expansion.

“As we acquire new services, or as current services expand, it’s important that Allied Health, TALS and Narrun Wilip-giin complements and supports the organisation in its growth – that is my overall vision,” he said.

“I also want to further develop our research and education for Allied Health, and strengthen our evidence-based practice. I’d like to showcase to the organisation the amazing achievements from the directorate. There are 500 staff, who all do amazing work which is incredibly impactful, and contribute to, not only patient flow and care within the hospital, but outpatients as well.”

Jason sees his new role as an opportunity to apply what he has learned, whilst continuing to learn and grow into a better leader.

“I have been enjoying the new role. Northern Health is a critical community resource – we are consistently relied upon by our community, which is growing very fast. I have come from this community, my family is from this community, and I strongly believe we provide an outstanding and highly valued service,” Jason said.