October 5, 2022

Research Week at Northern Health: 10 – 14 October 2022

Research Week at Northern Health showcases a range of local and innovative research projects and presentations from research leaders around the world.

The week will be held October 10 – 14, and will primarily be a virtual event with virtual presentations, posters and guest speakers presenting the work conducted in 2022.

This year will feature the work of our Emergency Service Researchers. Dr David Crosbie, Staff Specialist Intensivist and Medical Donation Specialist, will discuss non-beneficial resuscitation of patients who have an in-hospital cardiac arrest. Dr Rifley Rafiudeen, a Northern Health Foundation and University of Melbourne PhD scholar, will present his exciting new paper on Ivabradine. Associate Professor Joe Rotella, Clinical Toxicologist and Emergency Physician, will discuss the diagnosis, proposed pathophysiology and recommended management of Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome.

Northern Hospital Epping’s Emergency Department experienced the highest demand in it’s recorded history over the last three years, requiring rapid innovation. Dr Loren Sher, Director of Victorian Virtual Emergency Department (VVED), will also speak at the Northern Health Foundation Corporate Breakfast on Friday, 14 October at Mantra Epping. She will detail the journey from being a research project, to implementing a service that is now a statewide funded initiative. Professor Leigh Kinsman, La Trobe University, will round out the discussion in the Grand Round, illustrating the challenges of rural health emergency medicine.

Staff are also invited to hear about the great work at Northern Health in the oral presentations and poster sessions, then wind-down with a fun trivia session with Dr Shane Huntington as MC.

Faye Zaibak, Director, Research Operations, said Research Week allowed us to come together as an organisation and celebrate the achievements of our researchers.

“Events such as this bring world best thought leaders together to share their experience and perspectives and challenge us to new heights,” she said.

“Research provides early access to innovative treatments and interventions for patients, and improves the overall standard of medical care through the uptake of evidence into practice. This has been shown to improve patient outcomes and safety.”

“The virtual sessions are open to all, so come along, share the link with family and friends and celebrate with us.”

Associate Professor Wanda Stelmach, Chief Medical Officer, encouraged as many staff to attend Research Week.

“The Research Community has once more developed an impressive number of events for Northern Health to enjoy. I highly recommend you join Research Week in particular the poster sessions which highlight the excellent work our researchers have produced,” she said.

A full Research Week event schedule will can be found here.