November 7, 2022

Mental Health Service transition continues

Today, the Bundoora Aged Persons Mental Health Unit (APMHU) and Assessment and Treatment Services (APATT) transferred to Northern Health.

From today, Northern Health will be providing the assessment of, and treatment for, all persons at the APMHU and APATT.

The Royal Commission emphasised the importance of services being more closely aligned with their local major public hospital, and the communities in which they reside, including residential aged care facilities. For the APMHU and APATT, this is Northern Health.

For consumers, there will be no change to the care they receive and the services they access. Northern Health and The Royal Melbourne Hospital are working together to ensure a seamless transfer process, with the aim of ensuring that the staffing arrangements remain unchanged.

As Lynette Stephens, APATT Service Manager, said, “We are about to shift under a progressive network, and step out as Northern Health’s aged mental health service.” Read more here.

Belinda Scott, Executive Director, Mental Health, is excited, “about the challenges and the opportunity to be involved in the reform of the service system for consumers experiencing mental ill health and their families and carers.”

“I am also thrilled at the opportunity to lead an amazing team to improve outcomes for consumer, carers and families,” she adds.

Join us in welcoming the teams from APMHU and APATT!


Main image shows Karen, Mental Health Nurse, and patient.