January 18, 2023

Drop in at the library – online

The Northern Health Library has recently launched a twice-weekly virtual drop-in service via Microsoft Teams.

The online sessions provide an opportunity for staff to easily communicate with library staff about a simple question they may have, or a complex query about library resources. This means regardless of where you work, you can easily access library expertise and support. The sessions are held Mondays, 11 am to 12 pm, and Thursdays, 2.30 pm to 3.30 pm.

“Conscious of the need our staff and students have for library access, regardless of where they are located, we identified initiatives to bring the library to you in convenient and time-sensitive ways,” said Natasha Bradley, Director Library and Information Literacy Services.

“We have been working towards the implementation of the online drop-in capability since September 2022, when we trialed online drop-in sessions with the Allied Health Stepping into Research participant.”

“Staff can ask specific questions about how the library can support ongoing professional development requirements, study needs, research projects and much more. Anything to do with finding and accessing information can be asked and answered.”

Ryan Hon, Physiotherapist, was a trial participant. He said the the librarians were tremendously helpful during these sessions in supporting his database search skills.

“I am now confident that I am able to conduct a thorough database search for future research endeavours,” he said.

After the success of the trial, the library launched the service on 9 January 2023. The first user was James Watt, Occupational Violence & Aggression (OVA) Educator. He wanted to review the latest evidence in this area in preparation for his recent role change – as well as brushing up on how to search the databases.

Shortly after, Erica Hateley, Senior Librarian, had James all set with recent articles, renewed search skills and recommendations on the most suitable databases. All from the comfort and convenience of James’ desk.

“Erica was amazing. She was so helpful and listened to exactly what I needed, asked lots of clarifying questions to ensure the search was spot on. Even though I’ve done lots of literature searches in the past, I was feeling a bit rusty and having an expert to assist me helped me learn some new elements and tips of the search process,” James said.

Staff are also welcome to visit the library in person to chat with our library staff.

“Of course, you are always welcome to drop by the library in person. As you know, our library team love seeing you online or in real life,” Natasha said.

For more information and to attend a drop-in session, visit the Intranet.

Featured image: Natasha Bradley on screen with James Watt.