January 9, 2023

Dylan and Tom have your back

The Staff Exercise Physiology Clinic which opened in June last year, will now expand its service to five days, thanks to high demand and referral rates.

This clinic is an expansion to the equally successful Staff Physiotherapy Clinic which has been operating since February 2021. Both clinics were established as part of Northern Health’s commitment to increasing the physical and psychological wellbeing of our workforce and achieving a healthy workplace.

Exercise Physiologists specialise in clinical exercise prescription and the delivery of lifestyle modification programs for the prevention and management of chronic disease, musculoskeletal injuries and improved wellbeing.

“We all know that being physically active is essential for good physical and mental health and wellbeing, but unfortunately more than half of us are not active enough,” says Dylan Perera, Exercise Physiologist, who leads the clinic.

A staff survey showed that 70 per cent of staff who used the Staff Exercise Physiology Clinic rated their experience as 10/10. (All staff who utilised this service reported their experience to be at least an 8/10). Ninety per cent of staff found their wellbeing was better after treatment, and 100 per cent of staff reported that they became more physically active.

Here’s what a staff member had to say:

Hi Dylan,
I would like to express my sense of gratitude towards the exercise program. Thanks for your instructions which helped me to strengthen my muscles and joints, especially my troubled knees. Now I feel stronger and flexible to work as usual and have my life back. I can enjoy my gardening, walking and hiking. I am looking forward to continuing this program with you to build up a stronger body. I hope more staffs can join the program and gain the benefits I did!

Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists are both qualified health care practitioners that help people with getting fit, healthy and recover from illness and injury. They both work together to help you get the best results for your health.

Tom Cooper, the Physiotherapist responsible for the Staff Physiotherapy Clinic, treats a lot of staff with back and nerve pain in the shoulder. He also treats ‘tennis elbows’ – which can occur due to a lot of repetitive moments behind the computer or carrying heavy objects.

Tom says, “If staff have a general musculoskeletal complaint, and they want to refer themselves, they need to visit the Staff Physiotherapy Intranet page and follow the instructions there.”

Staff members can make their own referral to the Staff Exercise Physiology clinic by completing the Terms of Service form and returning to staffexphys@nh.org.au.

Says Dylan, “You will have a thorough and comprehensive assessment to evaluate your needs, goals, and physical fitness. We then provide you with a tailored exercise plan as well as support and health coaching for the long-term.”

For more information, visit the Intranet page here.