January 16, 2023

Welcome to our junior doctors

Northern Health has welcomed 50 brand new doctors for a one-week comprehensive orientation.

Around 50 per cent of the new interns were medical students here at Northern Health. Chief Medical Officer, Associate Professor Wanda Stelmach, and Medical Services Director, Dr Kean Kuan, were on hand to warmly welcome them.

Addressing the interns, Kean said, “Congratulations to all of you to not only making it through medical school, but also doing so during a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic! We all have much to learn, and there is no better place than Northern Health to do so, with a fantastic work culture. Looking forward to working with you all in 2023 and beyond!”

The orientation was hybrid in nature, with online lectures, a pharmacy workshop, and face-to-face revision of clinical skills. The interns enjoyed the clinical skills workshops held in the simulation lab as they practiced basic life support, intravenous cannulation, catheter insertion, the use of personal protective equipment and IT skills. This was followed by shadowing the current doctors on the wards to pick up some tips, before starting their first shift as a doctor today.

Dr Carol Chong, Supervisor of Intern Training, said, “The interns are excited to start their career here at Northern Health and to help our ever growing multicultural community.”

Emily Greenwood was excited to be coming back after completing her studies here. “I have loved it here; loved the culture and really excited to give back in an official capacity.”

Mathew Chen, also a student here said, “I am really excited to be joining Northen Health. It is a really supportive structure, and I am looking forward to working here.”

Saad Fahd said, “I have many reasons for commencing a medical career at Northern Health but growing up in the northern catchment to immigrant Syrian parents, this health service holds a special place in my heart. Between what is now Broadmeadows Hospital and Northern Hospital, many visits were made alongside family members after-school and on days off as the ‘support’ family member.”

“It’s through these interactions that my passion for medicine was seeded and I became ever motivated to play a small, but hopefully significant, role in delivering medical care that is compassionate and accessible to the most vulnerable members of our community.”

Susie Sangas, Medical Education Manager, was glad to finally have the interns here after preparing this orientation for months. She said, “It has been a pleasure welcoming our interns to Northern Health.”

Said Wanda, “Another year of hybrid format, but this hasn’t dismayed our new interns! They have been amazingly engaging online and full of energy and excitement in the teaching sessions! I haven’t seen one intern who hasn’t swapped the sticky label with their name for their official Northern Health doctor badge! I’m very proud to be working with our interns of 2023!”