February 24, 2023

Get to know: Dr Kelvin Chapakwenda


Meet Dr Kelvin Chapakwenda, neonatologist/paediatrician

Q: What are you really excited for in 2023?

A: It’s exciting just to enter 2023 on both a personal and institutional level, given the global challenges of the previous three years. I’m excited for what lies ahead, in relation to the provision of improved patient care and an environment that is therapeutic for the community we serve. All aspects of our health service, including my own department, are working hard to see better health outcomes for our community.

Q: When did you realise you wanted to be a paediatric doctor?

A: Pretty early on, way back during my grade 9 high school year in 1984. I thought that this role was one way I could contribute in alleviating some of the challenges that families face when dealing with a sick child.

Q: What is your most prized possession?

A: Besides life itself, I do not have a prized possession. I consider my family to be of the uttermost value and I will forever cherish their companionship.

Q: What did you do for work before working at Northern Health?

A: Before Northern Health, I worked in various health services around the state as an advanced trainee, initially in Neonatal and Perinatal Medicine followed by a post-FRACP specialist training in General Paediatrics. I have also worked as a senior medical house officer in Central Africa, the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

Q: If given the opportunity, what book would you write?

A: A Life Never Lived