March 3, 2023

Get to know: Nikolajs Zeps


Meet Nikolajs Zeps, Director of Research

Q: Tell us about your Northern Health journey?

 A: I first did some work at Northern Health in July 2021 as Consultant to review the research activities. This led to a report delivered in November 2022. I came back again in June 2022, to assist with completing some of the recommendations and in December 2022, the role of Director of Research was advertised. I saw a great opportunity to work with Northern at that time, so applied and was very happy to be selected to do the role.

 Q: How would you describe Northern Health?

A: It is a vibrant, growing health service, with a hugely talented and dedicated workforce, that delivers essential services to its community.

Q: If you weren’t a Director of Research, what would you be doing instead?

A: I really enjoy cycling, so probably doing that through the beautiful countryside of Australia, and possibly also France, Spain and Italy following the grand tours.

Q: What are some things people don’t know about you?

A: That’s quite a broad question. I imagine people think I am English by origin, but in fact my parents were refugees from Latvia after the Second World War, and I didn’t speak English until I was 5 years old.

Q: What is your favourite place you have visited and why?

A: I still love Australia the most. It has such diversity and natural beauty. I am very grateful to be living here. In Victoria, I particularly like the high country around Bright, but also the Otway forests and the area at the top of Wilson’s Prom.